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set the tone for your space

Your space should intrigue, inspire, and capture the ambience you want for your lifestyle. The Vibe Design Co. collaborates with you to blend fresh styles, unique details, and aesthetics inspired by nature to cultivate an atmosphere that feels fresh and grounding. Whether it’s an empty living room or a well-loved office space, we work with you to help shift the Vibe to align with your goals– whatever they may be.

"Jenny is unfailingly positive and full of creative ideas. And while she has her own clear sensibility, she quickly mastered my aesthetic and rarely presented an idea that I didn’t like."

Melissa Porter

"The work that The Vibe Design Co did for my company was the best investment I made in the past year in my business. Jenny and her team of skilled local artists created a space that meets every single one of our needs. My shop was made bespoke, with charming touches everywhere you look."

Matie Fricker

“Have customers review you and share what they had to say. Click to edit and add their testimonial.”

Lisa Driver, MI

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