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Welcome to the Vibe Design Co!


I’m the founder and lead designer, Jenny, and your collaborative partner in creative, custom interiors. I work closely with clients to solve problems in their space and transform rooms to match the Vibe they are seeking, whether that’s for home, work, or play!


I’ve always been an interior designer; ever since I had the ability to rearrange furniture, I’ve been reimagining, decorating, and redecorating all the spaces I occupy. Enchanted with aesthetics, details, and atmospheres that inspire, I started Vibe Design Co. to help others cocreate spaces they’re passionate about. At the Vibe, we believe that beautiful spaces make people feel good. But there isn’t a one-size-fits-all model for design, and no two spaces are alike. We work with you to find the perfect nexus of aesthetics and practicality, and do the heavy lifting to bring that vision to life.

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