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design + sourcing + styling

Whether it's a blank slate or a re-style of an existing space, the Vibe can lend a design eye to your home, office or retail project.

The Vibe sources new furnishings through a curated lens utilizing endless online resources and connections.  We have worked with numerous furniture, textile and lighting companies both here locally, in the US and abroad.  Likewise, our passion for vintage keeps us on the hunt constantly to find the perfectly charming addition to your space.

We have a arsenal of local artists, craftsmen, painters and creators that we go to for custom work and collaborations.  Let's create together!

Maybe you are wanting to come home to a space that makes you feel relaxed after a long day.  Or maybe you are looking to feel more at home in your office or workspace.  Everyone is looking to feel something and we work hard to create that vibe for you.

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