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I'm Jenny and I'm the owner of The Vibe!  

From the time that I was strong enough to push around my furniture by myself, I was rearranging my room.  Granted, I had to move the larger pieces by pushing them around with my feet...but nothing was going to stop me. 

My passion for design has steadily grown through the years, fueled by non-stop inspiration from nature, the human beings I've been fortunate enough to know and the countless objects that I come across.


  I love to touch everything...I love to get dirty, to dig for treasures, to create, and to collaborate.  

Light, form and function, and mood are the foundations from which I design.

When I'm not working, I explore.  I am constantly looking for art that moves me, music that transports me and places that inspire me.  I hike different trails as often as possible to surround myself with beauty.  I love to collect rocks and natural objects to incorporate these feelings into my spaces.

I'd love to create with you.  Message me for inquiries!

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